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HP-377 Wonder Womyn vs The Queen of Tights

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Video is approx. 9 1/2 minutes long , 54 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Queen of Tights:

What was supposed to be a fun night of clubbing for a pair of sexy super heroines turns into a wild, frenzied fight to the finish when the plans of Hollywood and her friend Carol Ann, The Queen of Tights (played by Sybil Starr) are interrupted by an evil villainess. Diana, the Princess of Pantyhose and Carol Ann's arch-enemy, uses a pair of magical blue tights to control Hollywood's mind and body and send her out as Wonder Womyn to eliminate an unsuspecting Carol Ann once and for all.
With Diana manipulating her words and actions, Hollywood puts on her Wonder Womyn outfit and the sparkling blue tights and waits for her friend to stumble into the trap. When Carol Ann arrives, dressed in only a pair of fashion tights, she is caught off guard. Without her ruby red fighting tights to give her added strength, Carol Ann is easily overpowered. All seems lost when Wonder Womyn takes the anklet that signifies Carol Ann's status as The Queen of Tights and prepares to turn it over to Diana.

Though she's down, will The Queen of Tights find a way to don her red fighting tights and thwart her rival's evil plan? Can she overcome Diana's treachery and Wonder Womyn's strength and fighting skills? Find out when Hollywood and Sybil Starr come together as Wonder Womyn and The Queen of Tights for a memorbale showdown in a video filled with hot bodies, shapely legs, dazzling tights and flying fists.



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