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HP-613 Wonder Womyn in "Light of Obedience "




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TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Light of Obedience" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-613:

Intent on infiltrating a secure database, a mysterious figure needs but one hurdle to circumvent— Wonder Womyn (Hollywood)! Recruited to safeguard the compromised archives, our heroine stakes out the premises, determined to thwart the thief. However, the hooded perpetrator is already in her midst, and he’s brought along a devious device destined to deal with WW's meddling affairs — the Hypnotic Ray! Yet, as the vile villain casts light on the dire situation, the Amazing Amazon leaps into action, seeking to seize the baneful beacon! But, even the Maiden of Might’s vaunted willpower is unable to resist the ray’s hypnotic influence, as she soon falls victim to its powerful sway and forced to obey the wielder’s every command! Instructed to remove her Belt of Strength & bracelets, then trussed up for safe measure, the evildoer goes about his nefarious business retrieving the secret documents, all the while Wonder Womyn can only lie helplessly, bound in a trance! But, can she possibly fight past the haze of the ray’s mind-numbing effects before the cunning crook gets away, scot free?!


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