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HP-297 Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber

Part 1


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Unibomber Part 1:

WW is sent to a remote location for what they think is a cheap Unibomber knockoff with plans an attack on the Washington Monument. When WW finds the
evidence she is looking for, she tells the Commish she has what they need and hangs
up. Little does she know she has been watched the whole time, and a Unibomber wannabe attacks her from behind. After being stunned by the initial assault, WW regains her composure and takes control of the
situation. After making quick work of this "imposter" WW lifts him up to question him. This bad guy has done his homework though and is able to cleverly remove WW's magic belt, and before she can react and go after her
belt, he goes on the offensive. WW is overwhelmed with body shots and then
a quick chloroform attempt. WW is able to escape the cloth, however only to be put out with a sleeper hold. The evil villain questions WW using her lasso about her powers, then KO's her out with a tainted Cloth. As he ties her up, WW
comes around where she is told the plan against the Washington Monument was a fake, the only target the whole time was her! and now she is helpless.
The villain puts her out again, and calls his partner to confirm her capture, and setup a pickup time. Can WW escap the clutches of these evil men?



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