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HP-494 Dark Angel vs Wonder Womyn

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Description of HP-494 Dark Angel vs Wonder Womyn:

Dark Angel has been hired to steal Wonder Woman's belt, thereby rendering her helpless. Dark Angel (played by Hollywood) looks super hot in a black bikini top, short shorts, boots and a mask to hide her identity. Wonder Woman, in this video, is played by the lovely Goldie. Dark Angel sneaks into Wonder Woman's apartment and hides in her bedroom. When the super heroine returns home from a rough day of crime fighting, she lays down to take a quick nap. As Wonder Woman naps, the sneaky villain is able to remove her belt. But instead of getting out of the apartment quickly, the over confident beauty, thinking she has accomplished her mission, stands by admiring the belt. Wonder Woman wakes up, sneaks up behind Dark Angel and clobbers her sending her into dream land. Wonder Woman reclaims her prize possession, her magic belt, puts it on, and leaves to get a rope to tie Dark Angel up. While she is away, Dark Angel regains her senses and chases after Wonder Woman. She grabs her night stick and tries to return the favor and clobber Wonder Woman. But Wonder Woman thwarts Dark Angel, grabs the night stick and the fight is on. Of course, at first the mortal Dark Angel is no match for a super heroine with all her powers. The two beauties exchange body punches but Dark Angel's perfect abs take most of the beating. Wonder Woman places Dark Angel in a camel clutch, leg scissors, etc. eventually knocking the gorgeous villain out. Will Dark Angel figure out a way to neutralize Wonder Woman's super powers? Or will she continue to take a beating? Goldie makes a terrific looking Wonder Woman and Hollywood looks extra hot in black. Two sexy girls who know how to wrestle make this a video worth buying.

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