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hhhhHP-804 Wonder Womyn vs The Spy




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TITLE: WW vs The Spy Part 1 COST: 9 TOKENS ~8 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW vs The Spy Part 2 COST: 9 TOKENS ~8 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW vs The Spy Complete COST: 18 TOKENS 17:11 MINUTES

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Description of HP-804:

Agent Holly is searching for important documents when she is attacked and KO'd with a tainted cloth by a villain in a Spawn mask.  He quickly ties her up and leaves.  Agent Holly recovers and spins into Wonder Womyn.  Wonder Womyn then confronts the villain who has been waiting for her.  They engage in a violent seesaw battle and WW eventually knocks the villain out but unknowingly has lost her lasso in the struggle.  The villain recovers and finds the lasso.  The villain uses the lasso to force the struggling WW to tell him how to take her prisoner.  He forces her to remove and drop her belt.  He then beats WW unconscious using belly punches, and various holds including a surfboard camel clutch.  In the end, the villain removes all of Wonder Womyn's accessories, leaving her in just her costume and pantyhose.  He then ties her tightly and lifts and carries her over his shoulder to take her to her next encounter...




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