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HP-568 Dark Angel vs Billy The Kid



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Description of HP-568:

In this video Hollywood once again is playing "Dark Angel" and is dressed in her hot little black shorts, black boots and Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers. Plus, she is wearing her black gun belt with a rope in her hands! This is one of the sexiest outfits she owns. The gun just dangling jauntily on her perfect hips. She enters the room looking for "Billy the Kidd." She knows Billy has robbed a bank and has either gold or money. She isn't picky and will take either. Billy enters the room with his hands in the air. But he refuses to talk. So Dark Angel forces him to sit down and ties his hands together. She then beats him to get him to talk. (Anyone should be so lucky as to be tortured by a beauty like Hollywood). He finally points to where the money is (no gold). She leaves him tied up and goes for the cash. Of course while she is gone, Billy unties himself. When the unsuspecting Dark Angel returns, he clobbers her in the back and the fight is on. At first they struggle over the gun. Dark Angel looking super sexy with her stomach stretched out as she reaches high with Billy for the gun. Dark Angel places the money in her tiny shorts and punches him in the gut. When he returns the favor, the gun goes flying. They roll around on the floor exchanging holds. Dark Angel places Billy in a head lock and leg scissors. Finally the stronger Billy is able to land a right cross and then a right upper cut sending Dark Angel out cold on her back. The money spread about her gorgeous figure. While Dark Angel lies there helplessly (looking fantastic I might add), Billy gathers up the cash and tries to sort it. While he is fumbling with the money, Dark Angel gets up and resumes the fight. After exchanging holds again (among them Billy uses a full Nelson and Dark Angel uses her magnificently strong legs on Billy) and body punches. Also rolling around on the floor with the gun, Dark Angel is able to stun Billy with a sleeper hold. But then Dark Angel makes the mistake of looking for more money before finishing The Kidd off. When she returns (with more money) Billy grabs her and throws her to the floor. After placing her in an arm bar and getting in some more body punches, he manages to get the gun away from her. As she lays there trying to get away, Billy shoots her. She writhes around for a short time on the ground before losing consciousness. Billy then takes all the cash and runs, living Dark Angel helpless on the floor (still looking super hot). Hollywood really looks great in any black outfit, the black contrasting with her toned and tanned body. Even though she doesn't win this one, nobody looks better wrestling around on the floor over a gun. Also, stalking around the hard floor with her high heeled boots sure makes a sexy clicking sound!!


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