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HP-370 Wonder Womyn vs Witchy Woman

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Witchy Woman:


In this action-packed thriller spring-boarding from "In Search of the Kijoka Talisman" (HP-368), Wonder Womyn must contend with the supernatural shenanigans conjured by the latest addition to her fiendish rogue’s gallery — Witchy Woman (as portrayed by Scream Queen icon Brinke Stevens)!

After retrieving the recently unearthed Kijoka Talisman — an ancient artifact brimming with mystical properties that was initially pilfered and stashed away by a petty thief [see "In Search of the Kijoka Talisman" (HP-368)] — Wonder Womyn’s good intentions to return the relic to the Museum of African Antiquities are waylaid by troubling news: other arcane and esoteric artifacts around the globe have gone missing, suggesting that a mysterious, new player has entered the fray. To ferret out this pernicious purloiner, our clever heroine devises an ingenious plan with the cooperation of the African Council and the governing body of “eBay” to offer up the Kijoka Talisman as bait to lure the thieving snake out of its lair. The ploy works, and no sooner is the relic posted than an aggressive, winning bidder surfaces under the guise of “Witchy Woman”! Thus, the trap is sprung, and the package sent via courier — a delivery Wonder Womyn tracks to its final destination: the secluded hideout of the aforementioned Witchy Woman. Bursting onto the scene, our amazing Amazon confronts the noticeably startled villainess, feverishly clutching the talisman in her gnarled hands. With uncanny instinct, Wonder Womyn quickly lunges at Witchy Woman, grabbing the idol, seeking to wrest it from her weaker opponent's grasp. But, in an act of desperation, Witchy Woman begins chanting in an ancient, long-buried dialect — conjuring forth the innate, supernatural powers of The Kijoka Talisman! Stumbling back, choking, Wonder Womyn claws at the seemingly ‘invisible’ force strangling her, and falters to her knees as, to her astonishment, a ‘cobra’ miraculously materializes, coiled tightly about her exposed neck. Leering, Witchy Woman continues to chant, conjuring forth a slew of supernatural serpents that methodically entwine and envelope about our heroine’s prone, undulating form, slowly tightening, constricting, and testing the limits of her vaunted strength, stamina, and unwavering perseverance. As our determined heroine battles on, teeth-clenched, her cries of anguish and rage resounding in the room, contesting with each agonizing, breathless moment, Witchy Woman lashes out and clasps the astonishing Amazon’s Golden Sash/Belt (the source of her ungodly powers), snatching it from her waist. Now completely vulnerable, Wonder Womyn cries out in anguish and despair, suddenly succumbing to the snake’s ever-tightening wave of constriction. And, as Witchy Woman slips away, cackling, in the distance, Wonder Womyn struggles with her last, waning ounce of breath and defiance as the deathly gloom of unconsciousness — and impending doom — threatens to overcome her!


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