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HP-576 Angel vs Paleface



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Description of HP-576:

Dark Angel (Hollywood, looking hot as always, in her Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, tiny black shorts, black boots and gun belt) rushes into a gym with an envelope full of cash, breathing heavily, closing the door behind her, thinking she has safely escaped from Paleface (the evil Sheriff played by Duncan). She slides into the ring and gleefully starts counting her "spoils". However, the wily Sheriff sneaks up behind her and points his gun at her back. After dropping her gun, Dark Angel manages to grab his gun. After a short struggle, Duncan shoots the lovely crook, dropping her to the mat. The Sheriff then removes Dark Angel's boots, thinking that will slow her down. But when he tries to finish her off, she surprises him with a gut punch that sends him to the mat. After a few body kicks and forearms to his chest, Dark Angel tries to get her gun, but the Sheriff grabs her leg and down she goes, just short of her goal. Now it's the Sheriff's turn to torture Dark Angel. Back and forth they go, exchanging body punches, leg scissors and stomach stomps. At one point, the Sheriff throws Dark Angel into a corner and works her over her gorgeous abs with belly punches and shoulder butts. This leaves Dark Angel reeling and she drops forward over his shoulder for a little lift and carry, finally she drops across his knee for a mean back breaker. Later the Sheriff uses both guns to make Dark Angel "dance" by shooting at her pretty little feet. While Dark Angel does manage to stun the Sheriff several times, she definitely receives more punishment than she dishes out . Finally Dark Angel decides to end it with a duel. At gun point she forces the Sheriff to pick up his gun and then into a duel's classic back to back starting point. As Dark Angel explains the rules (take three steps forward, turn and fire) the "evil" Sheriff has a devious look in his eye. It doesn't look like he believes in "honor" or a "gentlemen's duel". Dark Angel called him "dirty" before. But you will have to buy this video to see if Dark Angel can defeat the "evil" Sheriff. As they say, there is honor among thieves but I don't think it applies to "evil" Sheriffs. This is another "western" theme video with a gorgeous thief and an evil Sheriff. Of course, the skimpy Dark Angel outfit shows off Hollywood's magnificently toned body to the max and nobody looks sexier while being tortured by "evil" forces!!!


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