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HP-307 Wonder Womyn vs Christine


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Each Part is approx. 8 1/2 to 9 minutes long , 43-45 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Pretty Punisher:

The Pretty Punisher Christine issues a boxing challenge to Wonder Womyn and has high hopes of establishing herself amongst the best. Wonder Womyn shows up to meet the challenge, not knowing that The Pretty Punisher is up to foul play! As Wonder Womyn removes her boots (hence revealing her long, glamorous, stockinged legs!), Christine initiates her devious doings.
What starts out as an evenly fought match, soon becomes a route as Christine uses her chemical advantage to gain the upper hand. Heavy blows land as Wonder Womyn's senses are dulled. Our sexy superheroine struggles to survive as she is pummeled by her overly aggressive opponent. Wonder Womyn valiantly battles back, but even her polished skills are no match for The Pretty Punisher's illegal tactics.
Christine taunts our pugilistic goddess as the effects of the drug make this match anything but a contest. Wonder Womyns perfect curves are now the victim of Christine's flurry of fists. Wonder Womyn is repeatedly assaulted until she collapses into a senseless pile upon the floor. Now, the twisted (but pretty) Punisher soaks a sponge and sends our supervixen to Dreamland and restrains her in a chair. At this point, the evil wench archives her conquest by videotaping a helplessly bound Wonder Womyn and bragging of her evil doing. The Pretty Punisher is aware of Wonder Womyn's superpowers and as insurance, further sedates her prior to negotiating a handsome some of money for her victim.
Unfortunately for the forces of evil, Wonder Womyn is not to be counted out until The Fat Webmaster Sings (???) So does she escape the Pretty Punisher's perfect plot??? Or does the Punisher cash out our gorgeous superbabe? Get this hot video and find out!!!



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