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HP-350 Wonder Womyn vs African Adventure

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Each Part is approx. 10 1/2 minutes long , 53-54 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs African Adventure:

Wonder Womyn is on the prowl for justice and vainly attempts to surprise her adversary, African Adventure. She soon finds herself on the receiving end of a magic cloth. Now that African Adventure has captured her, she makes a call and raises her mercenary fee substantially. Then, she strips Wonder Womyn of her superpowers by removing her belt, magic lasso, and her boots, which she will send as evidence that she has poor Wonder Womyn in her possession.
African Adventure now proceeds to work over our helpless superheroine as she has a full TWO DAYS in which to deliver the body!!! Wonder Womyn flails as the powerful villainess delivers her punishment. Hard blows find their targets, and Wonder Womyn fights to keep conscious as African Adventure chokes her without remorse. African Adventure delivers vicious foot stomps, knees to the face, and crushing scissors as Wonder Womyn pleads and writhes in pain.
Wonder Womyn desperately struggles to survive as she is no match for the remarkable strength her foe displays. Without her superheroine powers, Wonder Womyn can only hope to survive the brutality she is being subjected to. Slender limbs are twisted, and her curvaceous body is crushed as African Adventure fulfills her own dream of destroying Wonder Womyn (now that is a demented goal to have in life!!!).
No part of our favorite superheroine goes unscathed as African Adventure uses devilish tactics that range from raking Wonder Womyn's gorgeous eyes, to hammering away at her sculpted abs. Wonder Womyn continues to plead as African Adventure jerks her about by the hair and slams her down like a rag doll. The evil dominatrix torques Wonder Womyn's slender neck and threatens to break it, then brutally gouges her eye. As Wonder Womyn begs for no more, she is dragged about the room, then African Adventure carries her over her shoulder just like a sack of potatoes. Poor Wonder Womyn gets trapped in a bear hug and shrieks as her adversary crushes the life out of her.
Wonder Womyn is in grave danger as she is unable to fight back as the onslaught of attacks is endless. As African Adventure contorts her in a modified ab stretch, she drives her mighty fist into Wonder Womyn's vulnerable midsection, then follows up with a stomach claw and multiple punches. As Wonder Womyn lies limp on the floor, African Adventure pulls her into a body scissors and simultaneously chokes her. Wonder Womyn fearfully realizes that her foe is attempting to break her in half. Next comes an over the shoulder back breaker that has our fav superheroine squealing in pain. More back torture follows in the form of multiple over the knee slams.
Wonder Womyn receives more bear hugs, arm bars, slams, hammer fists to the kidneys and back, and vicious strikes. African Adventure threatens that she will break every bone in her body!!! It begins to appear that African Adventure is out of control as she pummels Wonder Womyn with forearm smashes to the chest, and mercilessly drives blows into Wonder Womyn's ribs whilst her hands are pinned above her. Now the demented villainess works on manipulating poor Wonder Womyn's arms and legs as she indicates that she must fit into "the box", which from the looks of things, isn't very big!
African adventure continues her brutal route and it appears that Wonder Womyn may be in her final hour. Now Wonder Womyn borders on senseless. As she is slammed down hard, her condition becomes evident as she is close to being rag dolled. African Adventure delivers blow after blow, leaving no part of Wonder Womyn untouched. The crazed villainess alternates her tirade of strikes with ferocious choking as she yells out like a cave woman! Wonder Womyn weakly pleads, but saves her strength continues to fade. Completely out of control, African Adventure brutally chokes Wonder Womyn until she is non-responsive. With a complete lack of remorse, African Adventure assesses the damage she has done to our once vibrant Wonder Womyn, and she happily carries her to place her in the box, as promised. Is Wonder Womyn playing possum? Or...has she finally met her end??? This surely isn't the last we'll see of the powerful African Adventure, but whom will protect our fair city??? Get this exciting video and consider your fate!!!    



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