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HP-388 Wonder Womyn vs The Shadow

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Video is approx. 9 minutes long , 46MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Shadow:

WW has a challenging new foe on her hands in a new villain called the Shadow.  After several warmups against lesser victims, the Shadow is ready to take down WW.  Armed with the backing of a powerful Villanous organization, not to mention a long program of steroids to give her equal or better strength than WW, the Shadow is ready to strike.
Holly is heading home from work when she gets the frantic call from the commish telling her the Shadow is coming after WW.  She tells him she has heard of the Shadow and her antics, but not to worry, she will be ready.  Unfortunately for Holly, she is not ready, for unknown to her, the Shadow has already snuck into her house and is waiting.  Holly becomes the next victim of an impatient Shadow, demanding to know where WW is, but Holly is unable to even stay conscious long enough from the Shadow's powerful death claw, and she quickly passes out before she can say anything.  Shadow, now even more frustrated, calls her boss complaining about a fake WW that showed up, and that she still hasn't found the real one.  She goes off searching the house for clues, not sure herself if she killed Holly, or just knocked her out.
We see that Holly is in fact ok, and wakes up.  She gets her senses, and quickly transforms into the beautiful Superheroine we know and love!  It does not take any time for the Shadow to discover WW, and the fight is on.  Shadow is powerful and seeminly on equal footing for a fight w/WW.  After neither combatant can gain an advantage, Shadow challenges WW to a test of strength.  As they start to lock up, Shadow pulls a dirty trick to gain an advantage by delivering a powerful blow to WW's midsection.  She then follows up with her advantage with a couple more blows and a well placed knee to WWs chin.  With WW on the verge of dreamland, Shadow adminsters the claw.  WW is unable to fight it as we see her eyes flutter wildly, then simply close.  Shadow is all business, as she has defeated WW, she is getting her next instructions.  They of course include the removal of WW's belt, and all of her other accessories.  When WW comes to, she is powerless, and the next beatdown she recieves is quick, as the Shadow knows now that without her belt, WW is helpless against her. 
Shadow then takes some photographs of the defeated heroine for her bosses, and uploads them.  She realizes that WW has been down in the past, and come back, so she sneakly hides some knockout powder on her, and goes back to check on her prize.  She finds WW ready to fight again, this time she got her belt back.  Now WW is on equal footing again, and this time headed for victory.  That is until the Shadow gives her a dose of the knockout powder, and WW is done.
Laid out unconcious on the floor, WW is at the mercy of the Shadow.  She quickly regains her senses, and ties WW up.  She adds a tainted cloth and duct tape to keep WW out.  Then loads her into her car for transport to an unknown location.
What is instore for the lovely WW, can she survive?

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