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HP-324 Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper IV


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Each Part is 10 1/4 to 10 1/2 minutes long , 52-53 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper IV:

The Sleeper receives a package containing a DVD and a mysterious note. After watching the DVD, The Sleeper is enticed to destroy our sexy superheroine Wonder Womyn. Our glamorous gal in red,white, and blue shows up to check out a reported problem and she is greeted by a mysterious male and then ambushed by The Sleeper. Wonder Womyn is sprayed in the face and sent to dreamland. Unfortunately, The Sleeper plans on making those dreams a nightmare!
The Sleeper relieves Wonder Womyn of her belt, lasso, and boots, rendering her as a mere mortal. She then restrains the helpless babe, and Wonder Womyn is awoken as the mysterious male slaps her in the face. A still confident Wonder Womyn tells him he will be defeated. But The Sleeper intends to deliver another defeat to Wonder Womyn. Once again Wonder Womyn is ambushed by The Sleeper and the evildoer begins her punishment. Wonder Womyn is punched and kicked about the room and as she groans and moans from the heavy blows that land, The Sleeper once again appears to enjoy herself. Our poor superheroine is helpless and breathless as The Sleeper delivers punches, knees, and kicks to her perfectly shaped abs. Wonder Womyn gasps for air and as she writhes in pain, The Sleeper clamps a sleeperhold on her to finish her for the moment.
This is a short lived moment as The Sleeper pulls Wonder Womyn from the floor and continues to deliver blows to Wonder Womyn's midsection. An almost senseless Wonder Womyn is now thrown about the room as The Sleeper slams damaging blows into her battered belly. Wonder Womyn reels in pain and begs for mercy to no avail. Tired of listening to her whimpering, The Sleeper clamps a magic cloth over Wonder Womyn's mouth and silences her. The Sleeper takes a short break and discuss the filming of this debacle with the mysterious cameraman. Her plan is to sell Wonder Womyn to the highest bidder, whom of course will get the priveledge to finish off Wonder Womyn.
Then, the mercilous villainess continues her vicious beatdown. Wonder Womyn is further choked, stretched, and abused by a completely heartless Sleeper. Wonder Womyn is made to gasp for air repeatedly as The Sleeper applies horrific sleepers, chokes, and scissors to our beleaguered superbabe. Finally, the heavy blows take their toll and Wonder Womyn is down and motionless. But is she??? Now Wonder Womyn surprises the evil vixen in black and after recovering her belt and lasso, she reagins her composure. A surprised cameraman returns to find The Sleeper now in trouble and as he confronts Wonder Womyn, The Sleeper makes her escape. But Wonder Womyn is in hot (another pun!) pursuit and catches The Sleeper poolside. The battle continues, but The Sleeper begins to get the upper hand as Wonder Womyn receives and yet more vicious blows and chokes. The fight intensifies as it ENDS UP IN THE WATER!!! Wonder Womyn finds herself gasping for air and fighting for her life as The Sleeper shows no mercy. Does she survive? Will The Sleeper indeed have a marketable victim or has she gone too far and finished Wonder Womyn off herself? Get this exciting video and find out!!! 




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