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HP-737 Evil Wonder Womyn vs Wonder Little




TITLE: Evil Wonder Womyn vs Wonder Little Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES




Description of HP-737:

Wonder Womyn played by "Hollywood" has become bored, and had now turned to the Dark Side. She's tired of being chloroformed and becoming someone else's slave! We see Wonder Womyn in the ring in a secluded warehouse waiting for her next victim, along comes newcomer sexy "Veronika" dressed in a low cut white blouse, , sneakers and super tiny skirt. She is also wearing a tiara on her head and a ring on her finger which gives her her superpowers. She calls herself "Wonder Little"
She is sneaking into the ring where she finds the Super Villian. They both confront each other on how strong they are and a catfight ensues with Wonder Womyn taking the advantage ! Wonder Womyn whips Wonder Little into the turnbuckle and goes for punches and kicks then whips her into the opposite turnbuckle doing more of the same. When Wonder Womyn  thinks she has the upper hand "Wonder Little" punches the wind out of The Evil superheroine's stomach ... She falls to the ground clutching her abs Wonder Little says "I'm more powerful then you !" Wonder Womyn is looking for the tainted cloth she has hidden, and tries to put it over wonder Littles mouth to KO her but Wonder Little takes it away and ko's Wonder Womyn with it instead. Wonder Little takes off... Wonder Womyn wakes up and uses her telepathic powers to find out why Wonder Little did not go out from the chloroform. She will also use her magic belt to get the info. Wonder Little returns ...this time Wonder Womyn delivers a powerful kick to Wonder Little's face and knocks her out cold!
The evil superheroine gets her magic lasso and puts it around Wonder Little and asks her what her secret powers are, Wonder Little replies "my ring!" The superheroine pulls off the ring then asks her again "will this chloroform knock you out? She replies "no my mask protects me."
Wonder Womyn pulls off the mask, then she asks again "will this chloroform keep you out"? Struggling ...Wonder Little says "Yes"
Between doses of the tainted cloth to Wonder Little face , The evil Superheroine keeps asking if the tainted drug will keep her out, Finally the last dose does the trick and keeps Wonder Little out!
Evil Wonder Womyn makes a call to collect her money and carries the helpless Wonder Little off, To Be Continued...


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