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HP-340 Wonder Womyn in

"The Omega Sector"

Episode I


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Description of "The Omega Sector":

Hollywood returns home to find a Top Secret document which requests the recruitment of Wonder Womyn by a faction known as The Omega Sector. Wonder Womyn is sought to infiltrate an underground boxing league run by Madam Menace. The Omega Sector has sent many other good agents, only to meet with failure. Wonder Womyn is provided with the necessary information to gain passage into the dark world of underground boxing. She is given intel that reveals the wicked (but hot!) Madam Menace delivering horrific blows of epic proportion to unsuspecting girls that have lost their boxing matches. Like most evil crime bosses, the Madam has a henchman (or henchwoman) running interference for her. In this case, a powerful adversary will stand in our fabulous Wonder Womyn's way.
Wonder Womyn makes contact and follows her instructions flawlessly. The stage is now set and Wonder Womyn heads off to face her evil foe which will lead to the capture of Madam Menace...or to our sexy superheroine's ultimate demise!!!
Wonder Womyn enters the ring dressed in white and finds herself faced with the ultimate female weapon, donning a black outfit and representing the dark forces of evil. Her opponent fills the air with confidence and a total lack of fear. Wonder Womyn is in for a challenge of which has never encountered as her opponent appears bigger, faster, and stronger than any she has ever faced.
The match begins and the leather flies. Both girls land vicious blows to one another's voluptuous bodies. The smack of leather fills the air as the pummeling continues without lapse. Although the round appears even, Wonder Womyn goes down like a ton of bricks but escapes annihilation by a narrow margin as she is is saved by the bell. The next round begins as both fighters throw a flurry of punches. A brutal pace is maintained by both girls as they physically and verbally punish one another.
The fast pace usurps strength from the two beauties, and this allows blows to find their targets and inflict damage. However, this time the forces of darkness find a taste of the canvas, but once again the round expires and action ceases. The henchwoman charges out in the beginning of the next round, and Wonder Womyn's perfect body and face are battered about as a new assault is launched against her. Wonder Womyn holds her own, but at one point finds herself slumped on the ropes after her opponents gloved fists are driven hard into her sculpted abs. Then an airplane spin and a body slam leave our sexy superheroine open to repeated hammer fists driven into her vulnerable belly. Now her assailant jumps on top of her and pins her down, taking advantage of the situation as she delivers blows to our gals beautiful face.
Wonder Womyn roars back and dishes out some wicked punishment herself. Superheroines are not know to go down easy, and Wonder Womyn is no exception! But when our favorite super babe turns her back for just a second, the evil henchwoman delivers a hard retaliatory kidney punch into the poor lass! Now the match takes a turn for the worse as both combatants begin to pull out all the stops. Kicking, choking, and other street fighting techniques begin to prevail. Eventually, a hard blow to Wonder Womyn's head lands her flat on her back. Fortunately, the bell sounds and Wonder Womyn is spared continued foot stomping.
Round four becomes a showcase of brutality as the two continue the street fight format. Wonder Womyn begins to get the worse of the deal, and her midsection gets repeatedly worked over as her opponent attempts to weaken her. Ultimately, Wonder Womyn can no longer effectively cover up and she is pummeled about the head and body at will by her aggressor. Weak and on the canvas, Wonder Womyn appears to falter( or does she?) as the bell once again comes to her aid. 
The fifth round finds Wonder Womyn in somewhat of a cavalier attitude as she reveals her ultimate strategy! Wonder Womyn has allowed her foe to tire herself out, and now it is Wonder Womyn that pours on the heat!!! Wonder Womyn rains blows upon the villain with reckless abandon, but will it be enough? Will the bell once again save the lessor of the combatants? Will Wonder Womyn move on to face lurking Madam Menace? Get this outstanding video and find out!!!



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