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HP-620 Dark Angel in "Bounty Hunter"




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TITLE: Dark Angel in "Bounty Hunter " Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-620:

Dark Angel (Hollywood, in her black Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, black shorts and  boots, looking as hot as ever) enters the front room of Randy's house determined to take her in for the bounty. But she doesn't recognize Randy in her shirt and jeans and hair in a pony tail. She shows Randy a picture and of course, Randy denies knowing "that girl". Dark Angel still wants to search the place and proceeds to do so. When Dark Angel starts to leave, Randy clobbers her, knocking her out. Randy removes her gun belt and ties her up in a chair. Removing her shirt and jeans, Randy reveals a tiny black bikini with a smoking hot body. After letting down her hair, she tries to wake Dark Angel up. Unable to arouse the sleeping beauty, Randy leaves to get some water. With Randy out of the room, Dark Angel unties herself and waits for Randy. Dark Angel pounces on her and the fight is on!! Dark Angel gets an early advantage but Randy recovers and KO's the gorgeous villain. When Randy leaves to search for rope, Dark Angel recovers and the fight resumes. After a terrific struggle, Dark Angel KO's Randy. When Dark Angel returns with her gun to take the crook in, Randy is awake and knocks the gun out of Dark Angel's hand. For the third time, these two beautiful antagonists tear into each other's gorgeous abs. Both are getting tired. Will the bounty hunter win and collect her reward? Or will she meet her end as Randy gets away? This is an even match between two old (with dynamite bodies) enemies with a score to settle!!! 


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