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HP-421 Wonder Womyn vs Fan Girl

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Description of :Wonder Womyn vs :

The annual “Superheroine Fest” is under way, and with it comes all the excitement, pageantry — and obsession! So warns The Commissioner, who foreshadows doom and gloom for Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) with word of a crazed fan looking to add a piece of our amazing Amazon’s wardrobe to her vast memorabilia collection. Undeterred, Wonder Womyn is prepped to greet her adoring public — until she receives a knock on her door and a ‘special delivery’ that sends her head spinning: a dainty bouquet doused with the delicate aroma of chloroform, courtesy of Fangirl (Kristiana)! Bursting through the doorway, Fangirl makes short work of our dazed heroine, pummeling her to the brink of unconsciousness. Later, as the haze of darkness clears, Wonder Womyn awakens to find herself in a bind — literally — trussed up and stripped clean of her bracelets, power belt, and golden lasso! Though powerless, our heroine is ever resourceful… but no sooner does WW escape her antagonistic admirer’s bonds before she’s again accosted by the fiendish fan, who takes sadistic pleasure in tormenting and punishing her now vulnerable idol! And, to add to the humiliation, Fangirl captures each and every knockout with her camera to ‘certify’ her convictions (and the validity of her prize acquisitions)! But, can even Fangirl’s covetous nature wrest the one thing that Wonder Womyn will never relinquish — her fighting spirit?!



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