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HP-344 Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Clowns


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Clowns:

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner and he requests her to attend to a charity match which will pit her against clowns. Wonder Womyn gladly accepts to help with charity as she expects to have fun with the clowns. However, Wonder Womyn is unaware that the clowns are E-V-I-L!!!.
What starts off as a fun charity event quickly turns into a vicious beat down with our gorgeous super heroine on the receiving end. One the clowns appears to be a mountain of a man and he resorts to unfair tactics from the beginning. Wonder Womyn begins to get a clue as she is trying to be playful, yet the Evil Clown soon begins to beat her about the ring. Chokes, arm bars, and clotheslines are in abundance as the hulking Evil Clown punishes our sexy lass.
While Wonder Womyn gets worked over in the ring corner, the smaller evil female clown emits an annoying giggle as she contributes a magic cloth to k.o. our fave combatant. Wonder Womyn awakens to find herself stripped of her magic powers as the Evil Clowns now begin to double team her. Wonder Womyn is held by one clown while the other delivers brutal kicks to her perfectly formed abs. The larger Evil Clown attempts to damage one of Wonder Womyn's shapely legs, then follows up with stomps to the belly.
The two clowns continue to work over Wonder Womyn with punches, kicks, and body slams to the mat. A near senseless Wonder Womyn pleads for the ref, only to realize there isn't one!!! The two clowns enjoy themselves as they pulverize Wonder Womyn in spite of her cries for mercy. It becomes obvious that our super vixen is not having a fun time at all.
Wonder Womyn pleads for her belt as she is stretched by the evil duo. More kicks, punches and body splashes are served up as the clowns continue their beat down. Wonder Womyn pleads for assistance as she is further choked, stretched and worked over by the gregarious circus goers. A vicious sleeper sends Wonder Womyn silently to the mat as the ring is filled by the little clown's heinous giggles.
The dastardly masked duo continues to punish poor Wonder Womyn as she is lifted and carried about the ring, only to be slammed about like a rag doll. Fists and feet are driven into Wonder Womyn's midsection as she gasps for air and continues to lose the struggle. The cloth is used once again, and a silence that is anything but golden fills the ring. Does Wonder Womyn make a comeback? Or will the Evil Clowns continue their onslaught which is only charitable to the dark forces of Evil? Get this unique video and find out!!!






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