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HP-386 Wonder Womyn vs Princess Formicida II

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Princess Formicida II:

We return to find Wonder Womyn sitting motionless on her couch as the Princess and Mantis reenter the room.  The Princess puts a slave collar around Wonder Womyn’s neck and commands her around like a puppet.  Absolutely helpless, Wonder Womyn is directed to choke herself with her own lasso and put herself through various tortures. Wonder Womyn’s humiliation continues until the Princess mercifully asks the Amazon to gag herself with a magic cloth, thus ending the torture.  Wonder Women awakens, only to be wrapped and strapped and placed on the ground, a museum piece ready for transportation on the Princess’ slave ship.


The Princess and Mantis temporarily leave the room and a new super heroine enters the room, the Masked Avenger.  Donning a black binkin top and bottom, the Masked Avenger attempts to free Wonder Womyn, but Princess Formicida reenters the scene and an epic battle begins.  Just as the Masked Avenger starts to get the upper hand on the Princess, Mantis and Wonder Womyn surprise the Avenger.  Mantis and Wonder Womyn quickly capture the Masked Avenger and hold her down as the Princess gets out a hypnotic wand, paralyzing the Avenger in her tracks.


The Masked Avenger now finds herself in a 3 against 1 scenario.  An ultimate beat down takes place, as the Avenger gets put in hold after hold, batted around like a rag doll.  At one point, her cape gets pulled over her head and her top gets removed.  The humiliation continues as the Princess takes Wonder Womyn’s lasso and places it around the Masked Avenger, forcing the Avenger to reveal her worst fear: being treated like a dog.


Rendered defenseless by her own superheroine friend, the Masked Avenger gets put to her knees.  The Princess revels in making the Masked Avenger perform various puppy tricks!!  Wonder Womyn and Mantis join in on this wicked game of Masked Avenger obedience school as our new super heroine is forced to sit, speak, fetch and even wag her tail.  Whenever the Avenger disobeys her commands, Wonder Womyn and the Princess play “spank” the doggie.  The Princess continues the degradation of the Avenger and has her play fetch with a ball….filled with a surprise!  The Avenger goes out, finally, only to awaken shackled and at the feet of the Princess. 


Wonder Womyn enslaved, Masked Avenger in shackles, Princess Formicida clearly with the upper hand.  How will this all end?


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