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hhhhHP-747 The Trap IX



TITLE: The Trap IX Part 1 COST: $10 ~10 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap IX Part 2 COST: $10 ~10 MINUTES

TITLE: The Trap IX Complete Video COST: $20 ~20 MINUTES




Description of HP-747:

This video starts with Hollywood getting ready to beat down Pete and Darnell. She is looking hot in her gold bikini and shorts as she laces up her boots. She is bragging about the training she has received and is ready to repay them for the beatings they have given her previously. 
She lays down and pretends she is unconscious as Darnell enters the gym with Kristie E.(instead of Pete), both wearing black. Kristie excuses herself to get her cell phone. Darnell says he will start the Hollywood beat down without her. As Darnell stands over Hollywood, she reaches up and smacks him between the legs. As Darnell doubles over, Hollywood gets up and throws him into a corner. She punches him with a series of rights and lefts. She throws him into another corner and continues the beat down using a choke hold and knees to the stomach. Just as Darnell starts to slide down in the corner, Kristie enters the ring and slugs Hollywood over the head with a night stick. Hollywood drops to the mat as Kristie helps Darnell to his feet. Kristie grabs Hollywood and holds her arms behind her back. Darnell uses a punch to the stomach, a right to the jaw, finally a left to the jaw which sends Hollywood to the mat, out cold. To further humiliate Hollywood, they remove her shorts, leaving her in a tiny gold bikini. Then a total 2 on 1 beat down begins. Darnell and Kristie take turns holding Hollywood as they destroy her with body punches and rights and lefts to the jaw. At one point they have Hollywood flat on her back, Darnell holds her hands over her head as Kristie pounds her tight abs. The sound of fists hitting Hollywood's toned body echos in the gym. They even use a night stick on the helpless Hollywood. All Hollywood can manage to do is moan!! They have a special surprise for poor Hollywood at the end (you have to buy this video to see it). Hollywood's perfect body really, really takes a beating this time!!!



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