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HP-719 Wonder Womyn vs The Agent




TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Agent Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-719:

Wonder Womyn receives an alert about a break-in at a Government Facility, and is on the job.  Once she is there, she finds nothing.  Nothing except an overzealous guard who seems to know nothing of Wonder Womyn and her do-gooder reputation.  Instead, the guard subjects her to an extreme frisk search, and further humiliates our heroine by placing her in cuffs.  Was it all a plan though, has Wonder Womyn walked right into a trap??  If so, what devious plans does our deranged guard (played by the sexy Goldie) have in store for Wonder Womyn?  Can she free herself in time to teach the guard a lesson, or has she fallen prey to an evil guard with sinister intentions??
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