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HP-569 Wonder Womyn vs Wonder Girl vs Elwood



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Description of HP-569:

Scene 1 – Black Widow’s Web

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl enter the Black Widow’s lair.They are confronted by the Black Widow’s henchman Elwood who tells them to get lost. They decide not to and instead beat him up andknock him out. After dispatching Elwood the super heroines assume the classic “hands on hips” pose while facing the Black Widow (represented as an off-screen voice) and smugly call on her to surrender. Black Widow refuses and activates her web trap, pulling the superheroines backward into the web and holding them fast, struggling to break free. Elwood returns, carrying two giant spiders. The super heroines can only watch helplessly as the spiders are placed upon their boots and slowly crawl up their legs. Can oursexy superheroines escape this diabolical trap? Get this hot video and find out!

Scene 2 – Human Statues

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl re-enter the Black Widow’s lairafter escaping the web trap. They encounter Elwood and beat him senseless, knocking him to the floor and call on him to surrender. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girlawake and find themselves strapped down to a table, struggling andsquirming in an attempt to break their bonds while Elwood standsover them menacingly and tells the trapped duo that they are about to be turned into human statues for the Black widow’s trophy room.He explains that this is a two-part process, starting with an undercoating that will stiffen their delectable bodies followed by a special foam coating which will preserve them in a pristine state and allow him to pose them anyway he wants. He then proceeds to applythe undercoating to the heroine’s bodies by brush before covering them in foam, starting by spraying Wonder Girl’s boots and legs and then Wonder Woman’s. After several minutes both heroines arealmost completely lathered in foam. Can our sexy superheroines survive this fiendish scheme, or are they doomed to spend the rest of their lives as human trophies? Get this hot video and find out!

Scene 3 – Catapult

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl re-enter the lair and again encounter Elwood. After beating him up and knocking him to the floor they once again demand that he give himself up or suffer the consequences. He refuses and activates a control box which releases a net which falls upon the superheroines trapping them once again.This time Elwood gets to stand over the heroines and gloat while they struggle to escape. The heroines are then placed side by side on some sort of frame while Elwood gloats and tells them that they are secured to a catapult and about to be launched to their doom.Strapped to their boots are cameras to record their flight. Elwood explains that this is so they can have footage of their demise for the archives, then leaves. Wonder Woman calculates their trajectory and struggles to reach the built-in remote control in her power belt so she can summon the invisible plane to launch a safety net to catch them. Will the sexy superheroines manage to escape this time? Tune in to find out!


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