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HP-720 Wonder Womyn In "Mind Trap"




TITLE: Wonder Womyn In "Mind Trap" Complete Video COST: 15 TOKENS ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of HP-720:

Wonder Womyn comes back home from kicking ass. She is very tired and wants to take a nap. She is dressed in a man's white button down shirt. She falls asleep and starts to dream... As she dreams all her nightmares become a reality... Her worst fear is becoming poweless and helpless! Her nightmare starts with her waking up trying to make sense of things when all of a sudden she is surprised attacked from behind! A tremendous beatdown ensues. Plenty of punching to Wonder Womyn's abs and face. Our superheroine struggles to get up but the evil masked villian (Tuco) is too strong for her and she is being pummeled every which way! Over the shoulder holds with more kicks and punches take place...Will our lovely Super hero be utterly destroyed? or will she wake up to defeat this devasting animal? Get this video and find out!!!


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