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HP-369 Loss of Liberty II "Revenge"

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Description of The Loss of Liberty II "Revenge":

This video begins as Liberty Belle is unconscious and being carried over the shoulder by the Terrorist. However Liberty Belle comes to and give a good thrashing to her new found foe. Once she k.o.s the dastardly vixen, she calls the commissioner to report her triumph. After a little sedative, the Terrorist is sent to prison for a nice five year hiatus.
Fast forward to 2013. The Terrorist is now out on parole and she hunts down Liberty Belle. She finds her as she suns her curvaceous body, and using a magic cloth she takes out the gorgeous superheroine. Liberty Belle is now once again out cold and going for a ride on the Terrorist shoulder to a destiny unknown.
The Terrorist is determined to finish the job she started, and to get revenge for spending five long years in the slammer! But Liberty Belle once again regains consciousness, and the two supervixens throw down in a battle of the bodacious beauties. The Terrorist relishes her moments as she punishes Liberty Belle with arm bars, belly punches, camel clutches, chokes, and even biting! Liberty Belle's gorgeous body is twisted and contorted as The Terrorist complains of her time spent in the joint. Liberty Belle can only shriek in pain as horrific scissors crush her statuesque physique and the Terrorist continues her maniacal assault. A dangerously tight sleeperhold leaves poor Liberty Belle lifeless on the floor as the Terrorist seeks out another sedative.
But this only gives Liberty Belle a chance for recovery! The opportunity arises and Liberty Belle lashes back. But just when it appears she is going to take control, the Terrorist inflicts damaging body blows to gain the advantage. But a relentless Liberty Belle rages back, and now the Terrorist becomes the victim of her own devices. Liberty Belle takes control and soon the Terrorist finds the Liberty Belle is well versed in the delivery of punishment herself!!!
So, does the wicked Terrorist collect her debt of five years of isolation in the criminal justice system? Or does our gorgeous perpetrator of perfection punish the prevaricator and provide a means of perpetual prosecution??? Either way, you're in for a treat by the outrageously hot performance of these two gorgeous grapplers!!! 




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