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Wonder Womyn vs Serpentina

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Serpentina:
After an exhausting day of community service, Wonder Womyn [ Hollywood ] returns to her palatial residence anxious to unwind. Settling in, she nestles onto her couch and languishes in the quiet comforts of home. But, there’s no rest for the weary… or the wicked! Before she can say “shuteye,” Wonder Womyn is set upon by a sinister, new assailant — Serpentina [Liz Lightspeed]! Sinewy, sadistic, and armed with a devious array of debilitating martial skills, this slithering assassin has a singular purpose — to put the sssssssqueeze on our heroine once and for all! What follows is a vicious, relentless, physical assault upon the amazing Amazon’s vaunted strength, grit, and determination as Serpentina unleashes a torrent of breathtaking submission holds and devastating attacks designed to utterly decimate her ‘prey’! But, Wonder Womyn is no mere mortal, and Serpentina will need all of her cunning and deadly devices to bring this warrior woman down for the final count! Trust us, True Believers, this one will leave you breathlesssssss!




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