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HP-617 Capturing Wonder Tomi




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TITLE: Capturing Wonder Tomi Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-617:

How much is a super-heroine’s life worth? That’s what The Widowmaker (Hollywood) intends to find out! Staking out one of Wonder Tomi’s (Tomiko) private hideaways, she intends to offer up the mighty maiden to The Commissioner for a hefty ransom — dead or alive (preferably, dead!). It doesn’t take long for the silk stalker to find her prey (sunbathing), as she quickly subdues the oblivious heroine, smothering her into submission. Caught in a perilous web of despair and intrigue, Wonder Tomi can only look on in abject terror as the sadistic siren takes great pleasure in tormenting her! What follows is an arduous wave of sheer dominance, futile struggling, bondage, and breathtaking torture, leading to the amazon princess’ utter humiliation at the forceful hands of this vicious, volatile vixen! HOM lovers rejoice! This production will have you gasping with delight!


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