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HP-717 Wonder Womyn is "Car-jacked"




TITLE: Wonder Womyn is"Car-jacked" Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 12 MINUTES




Description of HP-717:

Out on patrol, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) receives an anonymous tip from The Commissioner regarding a possible lead to a notorious sex trafficking ring. Arriving at the site of the alleged criminal activity, our heroine isn’t completely convinced the information is legit, and apprehensively steps out of her vehicle to reconnoiter the area. But, her suspicions (and fears) are realized when she’s suddenly bushwhacked from behind by a masked assailant, who quickly steals the fight from our feisty femme, incapacitating her with a chloroform-induced smothering. Tossing our unconscious heroine into the car, the mugger proceeds to accost her, starting by methodically removing WW’s boots and molesting her exposed feet. Utterly vulnerable and violated, will the Amazing Amazon recover from her stupor…or become the latest victim to this lecherous creep’s heinous atrocities?


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