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HP-622 American Dream: "Dreamscape"



TITLE: American Dream: "Dreamscape" Complete Video COST: $21 ~ 21 MINUTES





Description of HP-622:

A new superheroine is in town, ‘American Dream’ is the crime-fighting super ‘gal " played by Hollywood " battling the meanest of villains for ‘truth, justice and the American way’! After a gruelling day overpowering the towns criminals, American Dream (Hollywood) returns home and lays down to sleep - innocently dozing off in the safety of her own home... ...But what seems like a safe haven for our heroine turns into a nightmare as two fiendish super villains - ‘The Dreamscapers’ (Diana Knight & Christina Carter) exact their havoc on our sleeping beauty by subconsciously entering her dream with the use of a magic crystal... An epic battle ensues as an innocent dream becomes a battlefield as the ‘Dreamscapers’ take control of the dream. 2-on-1, brutal beatings, bloodshed, and even a knife-fight follow with devastating results! - All of which can only happen when these three powerful giants share the same stage. Will the villains destroy our lovely superheroine or will American Dream defeat both menacing rogues? Buy this superb video to find out. One thing is for sure - sweet dreams are made of this... 


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