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hhhhHP-787 Wonder Womyn in "The Fake Audition"




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TITLE: The Fake Audition Part 1 COST: $11 ~10 MINUTES

TITLE: The Fake Audition Part 2 COST: $11 ~10 MINUTES

TITLE: The Fake Audition Complete COST: $21 ~20 MINUTES




Description of HP-787:

Wonder Womyn is busy working on her computer when she receives an emergency call from the commissioner.  She is informed that a group of kidnappers is using a fake audition for a new horror movie to abduct a young actresses.  Wonder Womyn agrees to bring them in.  Wonder Womyn arrives in a HOT short red dress and is told to take a seat by an off screen voice.  As she is waiting, she is struck from behind by an unseen force.  Wonder Womyn is beaten down and knocked out repeatedly by an invisible attacker.  She endures belly punching, being thrown into the wall, slammed onto the bed, multiple knock outs.  Wonder Womyn is beaten up pretty badly, does she make it out and capture the kidnappers or does she become another one of their victims?  Get this HOT video and find out!!



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