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Description of Return Of The Masked Man :

WW's past enemy (Masked man) is released from prison; he wants to speak with WW.  The Police think he is up to something so they send WW in disguise.  They only tell her of this when they meet her telling her that they put a tracking device in her clothes.

WW is uncomfortable with this as she typically can take care of her own disguise, but she goes along and wears it over her costume.
 Undercover as a "reporter" she goes to do the interview to find out what the villain is up to.  The Villain is upset that WW did not show. He excuses himself to make a call. WW notices he had a cloth sticking out of his pocket and probably is going to KO her. She calls the commissioner right away and tells him that she will go along with the KO so that it might lead her to a bigger fish.  The villain indeed KO’s the reporter with his tainted cloth, he notices the lasso sticking out from her disguise. He realizes he has wonder womyn and makes a phone call to his boss!

He ties ww up and carries her over his shoulder to a secluded place, there he is met by the boss (played by Liz L) they inject her with a potion devised from WW’s blood that will rob her from her powers completely. From there, there is a one sided beat down, the Masked Man gives WW another injection and pummels the poor superheroine. Does she survive the brutal beating the Masked man gives her or does she turn it all around into a victory and send the Masked Man back to jail? You don’t want to miss this one!



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