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TITLE: Under My Control Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 8 MINUTES

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TITLE: Under My Control Complete COST: 16 TOKENS 15:40 MINUTES

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Description of HP-832:

Jungle Woman enters the suite in her orange animal print bikini looking sexy as hell!  She starts looking for a special artifact which is hidden in a desk drawer with some ropes.  As the poor superheroine swings the medallion, it begins to talk and commands her to keep swinging it "back and forth" until the devious device has Jungle Woman under it's control.  The villainous object takes command and directs the overpowered hero to obey it's every desire.  The hapless heroine is forced to drink water, brush her hair, rub her hands over her body, play with her belly button, tickle herself, choke herself unconscious in several different ways, and much, much more.  Finally, the awful artifact has Jungle Woman bind her knees and ankles before choking herself unconscious yet again.  When she awakens, she finds her hands bound behind her back!  Does she escape?  Is she dreaming?  Or is she yet another victim of the Terrible Talisman? 




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