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HP-338 Wonder Womyn in

"Low Blows"


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Description of Wonder Womyn in "Low Blows":

Wonder Womyn is vocalizing her complaints as she reviews a script which has her on the losing end of things. Kristiana is giving her some lip service as she makes snide remarks regarding her womanhood and any recent activity involving interaction of the male of the species, and harsh words are exchanged between the two babes. As the director calls for the two to just get on with things, Wonder Womyn promises Kristiana that if she delivers so much as a single real low blow, she will receive in return no less than ten.
This is going to be one helluva ring match!!!
The two superbabes start the match out with a fingerlock as a possible techinical match may be in order. Wonder Womyn goes on the offensive as she delivers some kicks, followed by several punchs into Kristiana's soft belly. Kristiana soon finds herself writhing in pain on the mat in an arm bar, so she immediately resorts to her usual bad girl tactics. Wonder Womyn is stripped of her powers as Kristiana goes on the offensive and delivers the first low blow of the match, which consequently sends our fav superheroine crashing to the mat in agony.
Wonder Womyn gets whipped into the corner and then her adversary slams kicks into her crotch with a fury. Words are exchanged and Kristiana challeges Wonder Womyn to "do something about it". As Kristiana primps about, she drops her guard and receives a vicious forearm smash to the netherlands. Down she goes, and a snickering Wonder Womyn vows to make good on her promise as she punches and knees the fallen foe in an ever so tender area. Wonder Womyn tosses her victim into the corner and delivers a furious barrage of low blows. Even as Kristiana goes down like a ton of bricks, she is followed to ground and further pounded upon.
But Kristiana is not about to throw in the towel as she lashes out and nails our gorgeous good gal in her most vulnerable area. Wonder Womyn now finds herself the victim as a once bewildered foe drive her fists repeatedly into her crotch. Wonder Womyn cries out in agony, yet her begging falls on deaf ears as the black suited temptress continues her onslaught. But Wonder Womyn's alter ego Hollywood has long represented the quintessential bad girl, and her persona begins to emerge as she pulverizes Kristiana's precious pube area with a multitude of blows. The two fem fatales exchange low blow after low blow as they trade back and forth, using the entire ring and allowing their foe no escape, nor mercy.
At one point, Wonder Womyn leaves the ring and pulls a flailing Kristiana into the ring post as she brutalizes her crotch. And it goes without saying that Kristiana's howls of pain are not without merit as Wonder Womyn drives her well heeled boots into her crotch. But Kristiana battles back and soon it is Wonder Womyn suffering from Kristiana's inguinal invasion. But an unexpected turn of events occurs as Wonder Womyn starts to get out of control and literally resorts to her animal instincts as she bites Kristiana between the legs.
Blood curdeling screams seem to have no effect on the course of this battle, and Wonder Womyn repeats her heinous deed. A near senseless Kristiana ends up back in the ring corner and heaves for air as Wonder Womyn clamps a crotch claw onto her. Then Kristiana's leg's are hung in the corner, and Wonder Womyn runs acroos the ring and delivers the mother of all low blows betwen Kritiana's wide spread legs.
Wonder Womyn continues with punches, knees, forearms, knee drops, and other devastating assaults to the Kristiana's kitty. But in desparation, Kristiana targets a well placed knee, which fells her foe and allows her to seize the opportunity to return favor. Wonder Womyn soon finds herself splayed on the ropes, with her legs wide open inviting repeated fists that crash home. This is then followed by Kristiana racing across the ring and delivering a kick hard enough to topple a Mack truck. Wonder Womyn sinks to the mat and attempts to cover up as Kristiana moves in for the kill. But this would not be! Wonder Womyn once again demonstates that her boots were made for more than walking as she drives a spiked heel deftly into her assailants tenderest of spots.
Kristiana crashes to the mat and gasps for air as Wonder Womyn latches onto her with a vice grip crotch claw. As Kristiana reels in pain, Wonder Womyn shifts gears and pulverizes her fallen foe with double axe handle blows located strategically south of their recipients belly button. More punches and kicks precede another trip to be hung in the corner for poor Kristiana. Now Wonder Womyn pulls out all the stops as she knees, punches, kicks, claws, and grinds her buttox and heels into Kristiana's battered crotch. Kristiana makes a feeble attempt to come back, but Wonder Womyn is not about to relinquish control. Now the match contains a few technical wrestling elements, interspersed about the mercilous blows and vice grip claws administered to Kristiana's feline companion.
Wonder Womyn exploits the entire ring as she rams Kristiana's groin into the ring post. More blows and more biting is employed to further deteriorate the fallan babes condition.
Ultimately, Kristiana is rendered a senseless mess as she lies sprawled upon the mat. But Wonder Womyn continues her vicious assault as she continues to pummel a non-responsive Kristiana. Low blow after low blow finds it's mark and the deadened thuds fill the air as Kristiana is rendered unconscious as the beatdown continues. Finally, it is unquestionable that poor Kristiana has had enough as she lies motionless on her back in the ring. Wonder Womyn claims victory and instructs the cameraman to pan the battered remains of her foe.
Will this temper the bad attitude of superbabe Kristiana? Will she once again challenge our fav superheroine? And if so, whom will suffer the next beating? Only time may tell...






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