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HP-439 Wonder Womyn in "Trouble At Home "

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Description of Wonder Womyn in "Trouble At Home ":

WW gets a call to be on the lookout for a mysterious intruder who is attacking the heroines of the city in their own homes, but it proves too late as WW is the next heroine to be attacked in her home.

The Intruder played by Goldie is lurking about while WW is relaxing in her home she attacks WW who is caught off guard. WW fights back but is helpless to stop the attack as she's KO'd .WW has her boots removed by the intruder.WW is slapped awake by the intruder, who further wrestles and catfights w/ WW.  In a Back and forth battle.

Only after she's KO'd, to be woken back up for more punishment.  Throughout the course of the beatdown, the Intruder delights in inflicting punishment against the heroine.Does our heroine get revenge or does The sexy intruder get her way. Get this DL and find out!!

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