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HP-670 Wonder Womyn in "Footloose"




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TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Footloose" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-670:

His Hands Steal Your Troubles — and Secrets — Away! Led by a tip from an unknown informant, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) goes undercover (and incognito) to track down a malicious masseuse who’s reputation for performing spellbinding foot massages — and retrieving covert information from his clients — precedes him. Donning a sleek and sheer black mini-skirt, nylons, and strapping high heels, she’s dressed to kill and determined to catch the scoundrel in the act, confident her indomitable will can easily overcome his insidious influence. Arriving for her appointment, she comfortably settles in as the master tactician works his soothing magic. But, the Amazing Amazon is in for a rude awakening, as his sensual caress lulls her into a deep, hypnotic trance, mesmerizing her — mere putty in his hands! Now completely under his thrall, our hypnotized heroine is compelled to obey the deviant’s every command, forcing her to strip away the facade and reveal her true motive and identity as Wonder Womyn! Can the Maiden of Might’s iron-will ultimately prevail, or will she become a servant of evil, her mind forever enslaved, forced to do the bidding and nefarious pursuits of a methodical, criminal mastermind?


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