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HP-261 Wonder Womyn vs The Mad Scientist


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Mad Scientist:

The services of our gorgeous superheroine are needed and she has been summoned into Headquarters. Although she approaches cautiously and confronts The Mad Scientist once inside, she has been lured into his mentally decrepit trap! A struggle ensues, but the Mad Scientist is able to stab the sexy Wonder Womyn with a syringe loaded with a diabolically concocted drug which will temporarily paralyze our beautiful defender of all Mankind.

The Mad Scientist strips Wonder Womyn of her golden lasso and uses it to manipulate her into revealing the secrets of her powers. The wretched genius of a man chloroforms the weakened vixen, and then he removes her belt and along with it her superpowers! The Mad Scientist then throws the unconscious sexy body of Wonder Womyn over his shoulder and he takes her into another room to rid his superiors of her forever. Wonder Womyn is then tied spreadeagled to a table with tight restraints as the Mad Scientist plots her demise.

Wonder Womyn gains consciousness and is threatened with a razor blade and then abused as she lies helpless in her restraints, awaiting the wicked experiments that Mad Scientist has in store as he weakens her prior to finishing her off for good. The restraints get tightened as the Mad Scientist partially chloros our lass and threatens her with her own magic belt! Mercilessly, the evil man injects a toxic drug into the supple neck of the now helpless superheroine, and her heart slowly comes to a complete stop!!!! The Mad Scientist delights in declaring his foe dead as he listens with his stethoscope, excited that he can now claim his bounty from his superiors. he calls them on the phone to tell them of his victory.

Unfortunately for the Mad Scientist, he missed the lectures on physiology of Superheroines, and upon his return to check on the dead body he finds Wonder Womyn to be wearing her belt and her boots and her HEART IS BEATING!

Our sexy superbabe is in a pleasant, but abusive mood as she pummels the pathetic Mad Scientist, once again reminding him that his drugs do not work on her. His evil medical curriculum did nothing to prepare him for the beatdown he now receives as Wonder Womyn treats him as her playtoy. She bats him about as a cat would a mouse, prior to going for the kill. When she is done stretching, punching, stomping, choking, and kicking the psychotic little man, she reminds him of her point: NEVER underestimate Wonder Womyn!!!



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