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HP-629 Disgrace of Wonder Womyn




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TITLE: Disgrace of Wonder Womyn Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Disgrace of Wonder Womyn Part 2 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Disgrace of Wonder Womyn Complete COST: 30 TOKENS

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Description of HP-629:

The Evil Francesca has snuck into Wonder Womyn's house, she is preparing Wonder Womyn's home testing cameras to film her big plan for our SuperHeroine. Wonder Womyn dressed as Holly in her civilian clothes comes home from a long day of fighting crime to get some shut eye. Our evil villain is hiding near the couch. She sneaks up on Holly and wakes her up then KOs her out. Francesca says "You think you're tired! You just wait for what I have in store for you!" She has never seen Wonder Womyn in her street clothes before., So she strips her down to a bra and panty She makes fun of her undergarments saying "that's what her grandma used to wear". She decides to tie up the helpless hero. She takes her rope and threads it through Holly's undergarments to give her a sexier look. She then wakes Holly up and  applies apply many wedgies! She begins to beat Holly around the room with face and stomach punches, more wedgies Stomps and Spanks. She then KOs Holly with a face plant and decides to hogtie our street clothed Wonder Womyn. Holly wakes up and struggles in her bondage while Francesca starts to beat her with a billy club. Watch this video to see if Holly gets out of her ropes and gets revenge or if the evil Francesca gets her way with Holly!!!


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