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HP-449 Wonder Womyn:"Best Friend " (a fantasy storyline)

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Video is approx. 10 minutes long , and is 15 tokens.

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Description of HP-449: Wonder Womyn:"Best Friend "

Goldie was Wonder Womyn's best friend, but lately she is angry that Wonder Womyn keeps blowing her off to go fight crime.  After one last missed girls night out by Wonder Womyn because she's busy fighting crime, Goldie decides to teach her super heroine friend a lesson.  Sneaking into Wonder Womyn's home, we see Goldie putting some sleeping pills into a glass of wine.  Later that night, Wonder Womyn and Goldie are on the couch having a little girl chat, drinking wine, when eventually Wonder Womyn passes out.  The evil best friend begins her plan of destruction, first removing Wonder Womyn's belt and then her boots.  She does this in a more gentle way than more villains would, as she is Wonder Womyn's friend and not enemy, but is trying to teach WW to respect her friends more.  Goldie plans on teaching Wonder Womyn a lesson about being a good friend, as she punches Wonder Womyn awake!  The rest we see Goldie leading Wonder Womyn around the room, punching, kicking, and wrestling her "friend" Wonder Womyn, knocking her out several times, only to wake her up for more punishment. as she "interrogates" Wonder Womyn about being a better friend, as she continually belly punches Wonder Womyn until she's a rag doll.  Once Goldie is satisfied that Wonder Womyn has learned her lesson, she carries Wonder Womyn over to the couch and lays her out, putting a pillow under her head (since she's still technically her friend and not a villain).  She caresses Wonder Womyn's cheek, telling her she's sorry she had to do that, but it was necessary...

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