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HP-591 Miss USA vs Dark Angel

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Description of HP-591 Miss USA vs Dark Angel

This video starts out with the evil sexy Dark Angel (Hollywood) doing stretching exercises in the center of the ring. Miss USA (Randy Moore looking terrific in a USA bikini with red boots) enters the ring and declares, "I'm taking you in!" She grabs Dark Angel by the hair as Dark Angel replies, "No way you're taking me in" as she punches Miss USA in the gut several times. Miss USA responds with right cross to the jaw. Dark Angel answers with several more body punches but another right cross sends her to the canvas. After Miss USA punches Dark Angel's stomach a few times she then wraps her gorgeous legs around Dark Angel's neck choking her out. But when she goes to drag Dark Angel out of the ring, Dark Angel manages to knock her to the mat and then wraps her gorgeous legs around Miss USA's stomach. After reversing their positions, Dark Angel gets free but a right cross knocks Dark Angel out. Again Miss USA tries to drag Dark Angel out of the ring but she escapes the hold while feeling quite weak. Miss USA drags her up by the hair and KOs her with her favorite punch, another right cross. Miss USA relaxes a minute after rolling Dark Angel out of the ring. But Dark Angel isn't finished yet, she gets up, grabs her gun and, like the villain she is, shoots her in the back. But Dark Angel is in for the surprise of her life when she tries to tie Miss USA up. Bullets have no effect on Miss USA!!! What follows is a complete beat down of Dark Angel. Since Dark Angel has no super powers, she becomes just a drop dead gorgeous rag doll for Miss USA to play with. Although she puts up a fierce defense, her perfect abs become just a beautiful punching bag for Miss USA. She is thrown against the ropes and into the corner as Miss USA pummels her with body punches and lefts and rights to her head. Miss USA places the hapless Dark Angel in abdominal stretches with stomach claws and sleeper holds. In the end, Dark Angel is tied up and stripped of her gun!! Nobody takes a beating better than Hollywood and Randy never looked better dishing out the punishment!!!

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