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HP-542 Wonder Womyn in "Captured"



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Description of HP-542:

Receiving a call from the Commissioner about possible illicit activity at a suspected criminal safe house, Wonder Womyn arrives to find the property abandoned — or so she’s lead to believe. But, before she’s able to canvass the residence further, the room is doused with a deadly vapor, dragging WW into unconsciousness. Enter The Tormentress (“Francesca”), a ruthless mercenary and cutpurse determined to take down the Amazing Amazon! As she attempts to pilfer the bewildered warrior’s mythical Belt of Strength, Wonder Womyn stirs from her stupor — and a furious battle ensues! Fists fly as the two opponents trade blow-after-blow, taking each other to task. Yet, even in her groggy state, WW is still the superior rival, and for The Tormentress, desperate measures are in order! Briefly gaining the upper-hand, she injects WW with a powerful sedative, KO’ing our hero down for the count. Then, the vile vixen proceeds to bind the dazed, helpless heroine, and do what she does best: torment! What follows is an explosive barrage of devastating punches, kicks, chokes, and debilitating holds that leave WW battered, bruised, and barely conscious! Her confidence beaming, The Tormentress pauses the brutal assault to gloat, leaving Wonder Womyn’s bound body to her own misfortune. But, can our heroine escape the mental & physical bonds that bind her, or will she yet fall victim to the villainess’ tormented reign!


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