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HP-031 Wonder Womyn in "The Centurion Necklace "


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Description of "The Centurion Necklace " :

Hollywood is given the task of guarding the priceless Centurion Necklace. For added protection, she keeps the gem around her own neck at all times, even when out sun bathing. 

Steve calls to inform Hollywood that Kitty Meow, the notorious evil cat like woman, is on the prowl to get the necklace, and at all costs! This fiendish feline isn't beyond doing anything to get the gem....and that includes finding Hollywood, and ripping it right off of her neck!

Hollywood dozes off, but wakes herself up once, shuttering at the thought of having to battle Kitty Meow in a catfight, then going back to sleep again. It isn't long then, and Kitty Meow does appear, and she does take the necklace right off of Hollywood's neck. Hollywood wakes up, but only to get thrown around by Kitty, who then takes off running with the necklace, after adoring it for a few moments.

Hollywood gives chase to Kitty, and catches her entering her hideout. From there, the catfight Hollywood dreaded goes down. Kitty scratches and bites poor Hollywood to bits. Then ties her up, and then gags her with duct tape. She then proceeds to call perspective buyers of the rare gem.

Hollywood breaks free from the ropes, and that ever so famous transformation then goes down. Wonder Womyn appears, and hovers over the evil Kitty Meow.

What happens next, is the mother of all catfights! Wonder Womyn uses all her powers in this battle, but will it be enough to over take this feisty feline?

You'll have to watch this one all unfold to find out. It's non stop rip roaring action throughout this epic battle!








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