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HP-648 Wonder Womyn in "Princess Leia - Prisoner"




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TITLE: WW in "Princess Leia - Prisoner" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 11:16 Minutes

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Description of HP-648:

We last saw Princess Leia (HP – 638 wonder womyn "Sold" ) was beat up and beat down by Adriana (played by Roxy) she was KO'd tied up and delivered to the sheik. The Sheik is now tired of Princess Leia and is letting one of his villains (Newcomer) Bleau have her way with the Princess today. Bleau drags in her new prisoner by her neck chain and throws her to the ground.. The sexy villain puts her in various holds like the camel clutche,  Neck  scissors, Chokes, Bearhugs, Belly punches and claws!  she even walks the royalty like a dog ! Calling her degrading names.
Princess Leia begs Bleau to let her go but Bleau has other ideas!
Watch this video to see if Princess Leia turns the tables around or if Bleau gets her way!!!


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