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HP-339 Wonder Womyn in

"The Omega Sector"

Episode II


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Description of "The Omega Sector" Episode II :

Hollywood is finishing her diary entry and is quite pleased that she has continued to conceal her identity as Wonder Womyn and continued to defeat all of Madam Menace's henchwomen. She relishes in the fact that she has no idea what excitement today may bring!
As Hollywood now waits in the ring, she is confronted by a voluptuous and beautiful woman that divulges the fact that she knows Hollywood is Wonder Womyn. Then, the sexy newcomer reveals she is Madam Menace and demands to fight Hollywood as her counterpart superheroine Wonder Womyn. Hollywood is always up for a good fight, especially when it's all in the name of Right and Wrong, and she transforms into our favorite superheroine Wonder Womyn.
The bell sounds and the battle is on! The two perpetually sexy pugilists let the leather fly and hammer away at each. Hard blows are landed on vulnerable bodies and beautiful faces. The evil black bikinied Madam soon finds herself on the canvas at the end of the first round. She answers the bell with fury as she taunts Wonder Womyn saying she got lucky. Punches find their targets and the air is filled with subsequent thuds. A relentless pace is maintained by both vixens until several hard head shots hurt our gorgeous superheroine and she goes down. Typical of an evil doer, the Madam continues to punish Wonder Womyn even when she is down. Wonder Womyn can't quite seem to recover and she goes down after a barrage of blows, only to be saved by the bell.
The third round begins, and the maniacal pace of the fight continues! The two babes pull out all the stops and continue to hammer away at one another even when in a clench. The Madam throws Wonder Womyn into the corner and unleashes a rapid fire series of blows. But when the bewildered Wonder Womyn pauses and thinks the advance is over, she is put down on the canvas by a devastating low blow from her dastardly opponent. As the Madam tries to count out our gorgeous good girl, she retaliates and the Madam finds herself battered on the ground. Wonder Womyn pounds the Madams sculpted abs and puts her down, but the Madam answers the count. It starts to become apparent that the pace of the fight is taking it's toll. The battle continues to see-saw back and forth with neither girl willing to give in, but the round ends with the Madam down and reeling.
A heated verbal exchanges unexpected starts the fourth round and the ladies have gone to bare fists!!! After exchanging damaging blows, they agree to replace their gloves. Both girls are put down in this round, and illegal tactics are abound. The girls are tiring rapidly as the round comes to an end and Wonder Womyn heads for the mat after a vicious exchange of blows.
The fifth round begins as Wonder Womyn is stripped of her powers by surprise. She soon finds herself on the ropes as the Madam inflicts heavy damage. Wonder Womyn fights back valiantly, and attempts to buy herself time to locate her belt. As the vixens tire they end up exchanging blows whilst walking the fine line between victory and defeat. But just as the bell sounds, the Madam lands a crushing uppercut and our sexy super heroine goes down like a lead balloon, appearing hurt and not responsive! Will this end the match? Will the Madam Menace take this opportunity to torture our helpless heroine as she has the other failed fighters before her? Will Wonder Womyn ever regain her powers or will she finally meet her ultimate demise? Only time will tell!!!



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