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HP-658 Princess Leia vs Dark Raven



TITLE:s Princess Leia vs Dark Raven Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-658:

This video begins where HP-648 ends. The sheik has hired a new very evil woman "Dark Raven" which stars the ever so sexy Goldie dressed in fishnets, boots, a black bodysuit and black leather gloves, to punish Princess Leia Again! She drags her in by her choker and starts beating up the fallen super heroine. Punches to the face, the stomach, punches to the breast are followed up by low blows and chokes! Dark Raven even HOM's the rag dolling Princess. KO after KO, the Princess goes down and out and then is rudely awakened by another punch or slap to the face. The villain then humiliates Princess Leia by making her kiss her butt! This super villain is super bad when she puts on a mean camel clutch to the already beaten Princess. Then decides to further humiliate Princess Leia by giving her a huge topless Breast smother !If you are into one sided beat downs then you will thoroughly enjoy Dark Raven destroying Princess Leia!


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