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HP-484 Liberty Belle vs Dr Evil &The Nurse

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Description of HP-484"Wonder Womyn vs Dr. Evil & The Nurse "

The video starts with Liberty Belle (Hollywood wearing her USA outfit) receiving a call from the Commissioner. It seems he has called her by mistake instead of Wonder Womyn. He decides she will do and informs her that an evil Doctor is prescribing illegal drugs. Liberty Belle promises to take care of this evil doer. Next we see Dr. Evil (as he calls himself) arguing with his "Nutty Nurse", played by Stacy Burke, wearing a mini skirt, blouse showing a lot of cleavage, and a white lab coat. She looks smoking hot!! It seems they are preparing a surprise drug for Wonder Womyn. The Nurse has prepared the syringe but Dr. Evil is still not happy. The Nurse attacks Dr. Evil using leg scissors around the waist and neck, body punches and even sits on his face. Then Liberty Belle shows up. The two evil doers stop fighting to face the gorgeous super heroine. They ask, "Who are you?" expecting Wonder Womyn. They deride her calling her a "super heroine wannabee" and "Liberty Dumb Bell." Liberty Belle quickly dispatches the Nurse with a right cross. She then attacks Dr. Evil. He is no match for the beautiful Liberty Belle as she uses a multitude of holds on him including arm bars, body punches, face sitting and even a camel clutch. She smacks him with his own clip board!! Dr. Evil manages a stomach claw, bear hug and choke hold but Liberty Belle is still dominating. That is until the Nurse wakes up and stabs Liberty Belle with the syringe. The drug works on her and in her weakened condition she is no match for the two villains. After a little two on one, being tossed back and forth between the two villains and receiving many body punches to her tight abs, Liberty Belle is knocked out on her back on the sofa. Of course Dr. Evil and the Nurse pick up on their struggle as Liberty Belle lies helpless on her back. She makes terrific eye candy lying there in the background as the two villains fight. But Liberty Belle is tough and wakes up in time to join the tussle. Since Dr. Evil has fired his Nurse during their fight, she tells Liberty Belle she has turned good and wants to help defeat Dr. Evil. The two of them gang up on the poor Doctor using many holds only Stacy and Hollywood could come up with such as body stretches, face sitting and leg scissors. But will the Nurse stay on the side of justice? Or will she turn on Liberty Belle just when Liberty Belle starts to trust her? Will she use the "Super Drug" on her again? You have to buy this video to find out!!!! Hollywood looks terrific in her USA bikini top and shorts!!! The two on one scenes are fantastic!!! Again, nobody looks better taking a beating like Hollywood. And Stacy's top barely keeps her breasts under control!!!

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