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HP-073 Red Dawn Syndicate


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Description of Red Dawn Syndicate:

Another edition of the Wonder Womyn series, and is this ever a wild one!

Members of the Red Dawn Syndicate, Lola and Cherry Red, are found in a smoky (reason some pictures have a hazy look to them.) lounge toasting to their day of demise and corruption. Lola finds her drink unacceptable for her tastes. She leaves to get another drink, and while Cherry Red is left alone, Wonder Womyn unexpectedly shows up, and confronts Cherry Red, demanding info on the Red Dawn Syndicate. Cherry Red isn't about to give up any info on her nasty group, and isn't going to take this sitting down! She gets up, and douses Wonder Womyn with her drink, and from there a wild fight breaks out! Wonder Womyn and Cherry Red engage in an incredibly hard fought battle, and Wonder Womyn's powers prevail.

Lola then returns, and it's her turn to battle it out with Wonder Womyn. Again those special powers of Wonder Womyn give her the edge in this battle, and it seems that Wonder Womyn is going to get the info she was looking for on the Red Dawn Syndicate!

However, the lovely Cherry Red regains consciousness, and from there a wicked 2 on 1 battle takes off as she steps in to help out her friend, Lola.

It's quite clear that these two evil woman are out to destroy Wonder Womyn for good. They even attempt to rip her in half on several occasions!

Wonder Womyn's stomach is repeatedly tortured in this melee, as they punch, kick and stomp her midsection repeatedly. Can Wonder Womyn hold on and serve justice on these two evil women, or will they finish her off for good? The odds are against Wonder Womyn, but she has those amazing powers, so you just never know what will happen, and you can only find out by watching this saga unfold!

To many moves to list are found in this battle. This is a must see video, that even features two new faces to the industry. Both of which really did some impressing during their visit to LA.

Videography by Jeff Urband. Photography by Tony Weltzin. Special effects by Tony from the Aly Mcbeal set.


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