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HP-496 Wonder Womyn vs The Mistress

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Description of HP-496 Wonder Womyn vs The Mistress:

The Mistress has been capturing women to serve her in her evil harem, and Wonder Womyn aims to stop it.

Wonder Womyn has heard about the evil Mistress and shows up at a location to stop her . We see The Mistress ( Liz Lightspeed) lounging, talking about how she's bored with her current stable of captured women, and how she wants someone exciting to serve her. Wonder Womyn confronts her, telling her she's taking the sexy evil woman to jail. The evil one circles Wonder Womyn like a cat/mouse, telling her she'd be the perfect slave in her harem.

Wonder Womyn gets physical, grabbing her, who then stops resisting and complies w/ Wonder Womyn's wishes to be taken to jail. Wonder Womyn lets her guard down, and when she's not looking, we see Liz with a hypo needle KO Wonder Womyn. With Wonder Womyn out on the floor, the villianess "prepares" her, removing Wonder Womyn's belt/lasso and boots. She then tells the sleeping Wonder Womyn that she's going to be her new slave and serve her, as she wakes up Wonder Womyn and begins a big beatdown. Wonder Womyn takes the punishment though, and fights back, determined the twart the plans of The Mistress. Ultimately, Wonder Womyn prevails as she finally ko's The Mistress . But as our gorgeous superheroine contacts the Commish to report her disruption and apprehension of the much sought after Mistress, disaster strikes!!!! The Mistress has come to, and she penetrates Wonder Womyn's defenses with a deadly needle, knocking her out and rendering defenseless.

The Commish fears his worst nightmare has come true as The Mistress picks up the phone and tells the Commish with a devilish tone in her voice: "Wonder Womyn is now my slave!!!!"....

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