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HP-696 Wonder Womyn vs The Persian Princess





TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Persian Princess Complete COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES




Description of HP-696:

Wonder Womyn has been summoned to check out another highly illegal situation.. She walks in to the complex looking around and is suddenly KO'd over the back of her head. When she awakes she does not recognize the woman who is standing above her and asks who she is, the girl replies "I have been sent by the Shiek,  I am the Persian princess,( played by newcomer Persia) I'm here to torture and punish you!".
The Persian princess is a beautiful east Indian woman who starts belly dancing in front of wonder woman, this will hypnotize our super heroine. She then asks Wonder Womyn to dance for her , Wonder Womyn does, she then asks her to take off her power belt, which she does. Once Wonder Womyn is under her spell, the beautiful Persian princess beats and tortures the merciless heroine with punches, kicks and chokes! Watch this video with two very sexy women and see which one prevails! (Story by North bound video.)


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