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HP-375 The Chemical Destruction of Wonder Womyn

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Video is approx. 10 minutes long , 59 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of The Chemical Destruction of Wonder Womyn:

Wonder Womyn gets the call that another evil villain is at large and using chemicals to subdue her victims. This diabolical vixen goes by the name of Miss Concoction. Wonder Womyn goes to investigate, but the villainess is tipped off as to her unexpected visit from our vivacious supervixen.
Wonder Womyn appears on the scene and confronts the sexy little lab coat laden bespectacled bad girl. Wonder Womyn demands surrender and although she appears innocent, the seemingly meek Miss Concoction bursts into attack mode and sprays our gorgeous good girl with one of her chemical creations. Wonder Womyn crumbles to the floor, and Miss Concoction rips off Wonder Womyn's belt and magic lasso. Reduced to a mere mortal, Wonder Womyn flails about as the evil temptress stomps away at her. Wonder Womyn gasps for air as her assailant chokes her and delivers vicious blows.
The punishment continues as Wonder Womyn is pinned to the wall and subjected to punches and forearm smashes. As Wonder Womyn slumps to the couch, Miss Concoction sheds her lab coat to reveal her curvaceous hard body. Wonder Womyn pleads as the maniacal deviant now uses kicks, punches, and chokes to further weaken our perfectly proportioned protecter of purity.
Wonder Womyn continues to receive a constant wave of attacks as she is stretched, choked with her own magic lasso, and even head butted in her sculpted abs. K.o.s become the standard as Wonder Womyn is in grave danger of destruction. Miss Concoction continues to use her demented chemistry knowledge to destroy our sexy superheroine and push her to the limits of her endurance. Does Wonder Womyn eventually escape the grasp of her coniving chemically concocted criminal foe, or is she oxidized and reduced to a mere shell of her once fabulous Superheroine stature. Get this amazingly exciting video and find out!!!




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