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HP-291 Wonder Womyn vs Kristiana


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Kristiana:

Wonder Womyn receives a call and finds out that Kristiana is using a Wrestling School as the front for her evil activities. She goes to pay a visit at the wrestling school, and when she confronts Kristiana, a "match" in the making becomes evident. Wonder Womyn appears to be subduing the forces of Evil at first, but Kristiana lashes back and soon Wonder Womyn finds herself in trouble as she is k.o.ed. Then, Kristiana employs some of her evil accessories to create a typical unfair advantage, as is expected of a villainess of her calibre. Wonder Womyn has problems indeed!!!
Our gorgeous superheroine awakens, only to find herself restrained and having been transported to a wrestling ring. This sets the precedent for a clash of Good and Evil, as Kristiana releases Wonder Womyn in order to face her (unfairly) in the squared circle. Throws, scissors, belly punches, chokes, and in general, ring bedlam is employed as these two supervixens battle from pillar to post. Kristiana resorts to the use of her twisted, evil, advantageous tactics to gain control, but Wonder Womyn battles back.
Will the forces of evil prevail? Or will Wonder Womyn give out the wrestling lessons at her adversaries diabolical wrestling lair? Get this one and don't miss these two beauties as they clash in a classical superheroine ring match!!!





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