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HP-564 Wonder Womyn in "Batgirl Trouble"



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TITLE: WW in "Batgirl Trouble" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-564:

There’s a Batgirl in Wonder Womyn’s Belfry! Hot on the trail of stolen, secret documents, Wonder Womyn’s (Hollywood) search leads her to the dwelling of a notorious ne’er-do-well. Cautiously canvassing the premises, she fails to locate the concealed papers, but soon discovers she’s not alone in her endeavors — the bodacious Batgirl (played by Goldie) has joined in on the shakedown! Butting heads, the heroine’s combined egos prove impossible to contain, and a heated battle erupts! Between biting barbs and veiled threats, these two petulant, pulchritudinous powerhouses proceed to pummel each other with a vicious volley of punishing punches, kicks, chokes, gut-busters, and body blows! Fists fly furiously as the feral femmes fight it out, taking each other to task and giving no quarter. But, in the end, will sheer brawn and brutality prevail over callous cunning and chicanery?


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