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HP-394 Liberty Belle vs Avenger & The Assassin

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Video is approx. 9 minutes long , 42 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Liberty Belle vs Avenger & The Assassin:

Liberty Belle was left badly beaten, unconscious and hidden after her last
battle. Hiawatha has decided she wants to be Liberty Belle’s sidekick so
she changes her outfit and her identity to “The Avenger”. She then
rescues Liberty Belle and takes her to Liberty Belle’s house. However
Liberty Belle is not sure of "The Avenger" and when she catches "The
" smoking Liberty Belle emphatically tells her to leave and
never return. However, "The  Avenger" surprises Liberty Belle, knocks
her out, drugs her and beats her up. She has her way with Liberty Belle,
even changing her into a black outfit, until “The Assassin”, an old nemesis
of Liberty Belle shows up at the front door seeking revenge. When "The
 Avenger" hears "The Assassin's " voice, she panics because she knows
of his murderous ways. so she wakes up Liberty Belle. Liberty Belle is
still suffering from her beat down but confidently straps on her gun. "The
 Avenger"  runs and hides as Liberty Belle takes on "The Assassin".
with prostyle holds, bear hugs, camel clutches, boston crabs.
Will Liberty Belle revive enough to face "The Assassin" successfully? Or
will "The Assassin" extract his terrible revenge, whatever that maybe, on
our lovely heroine?

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